Our Sturgeon

The “acipenser ” :

The acipenser : the namespeaks for itself ! Acipenser comes from the definition of « fish of high esteem in the roman gastronomy ». Even if this fish aren’t used in a kitchen anymore, they are used to fish in the catch and release ponds which proove the « the high esteem » that we have of this fish is carrying on.

Big sturgeon have complete our 1500 carp livestock (census 2013). The fish in our ponds can weight up to 60 pounds but some monsters can reach up to 1200 pounds (in the pacific ocean for instance). Their heads look like shark’s ones, which give them an aerodynamic line allowing them to move quickly in our fishing ponds.

Come to Carp Fighter : be in direct contact with nature. You can come alone, in family or in a group of fishermen for good fishing moments and unforgettable fishing souvenirs.