Our carp

The carp : a historic fish

Carp arrived in France a long time ago when the Romans occupied France. It was the monks that who started to use it for eating purposes. This last century, the carp became known thanks to its warrior qualities. Carp are now appreciated for fishing purposes and no longer for its meat. Carp have been present in many ponds, the biggest ones are rare and are only present in fishing ponds specialised in sportive fishing. The Livardière and Prince ponds are ponds which gather all the conditions which allow us to boast « record size carp ».

A multitude of carp species:

There are many species which belong to the carp family (Cyrprinus, carpio). As a matter of fact there are various names for carp: silvered carp, red carp, black or grey carp, white carp, mixed-race carp, asian, chinese or japanese carps, calori carp, wuchang carp, common carp, carpe crique, mollusc carp, leather carp, big-headed carp, koi carp, moon carp, marbled carp, mirror carp, prussian carp, mu carp or the beautiful grass carp.

This list of names reflect the importance that the carp has and adds to its mysteria of fish that can adapt to every environment. We have chosen the best carp to fish: the common carp which is the strongest, the superb mirror carp and the grass carp which needs a tough grip !

The growth of the carp and the sturgeon is mindblowing, they develop very quickly in their first years with their growth slowing down in their last years.


High quality carp:

The quality of our livestock relies on several things: first of all, we are lucky to work with an efficient partner that contribute to the rearing of our fishing ponds with fish of exceptional quality. Secondly, we rear large fish every year to encourage the agressivness of the carp already present on the pond and lastly the fishing site has climatic conditions which are very protected. Which contribute to the growth of our beautiful fighters.