Our fish



Many fish cohabitate with our big carp : stud, roach, perch, Brenne, eels, pike, black bass, are indeed part of the ecosystem in the fishing ponds. Although carp dominate , the other species contribute to the balance of the ecosystem of our ponds.

A large diversity to help the development of our fish habitat:

Diversity in the ponds is an important criteria for us and on which we rely on this for the development of our fishing stations. Indeed, for each fishing station, you will find a variety of vegetation with seagrass in shallow water for all types of fish and you will find deeper areas with carp reaching a more substantial weight .

A morning of fishing on the Livardière pond, what does this mean?
After a short night interspersed with beautiful shots, you gently wake up by the sound of geese and ducks which are plentiful in this part of France. A few minutes later, jumping carp signal a new start to a nice day of fishing. After a hearty breakfast under the first rays of sun, it’s time to get into action: indeed the cool morning temperature stimulate the carp to jump aroung the ponds. When summer comes around, the temperature and quality of the water allows the fish to developp and become more dynamic and become larger in size. When a powerful carp bites the hook, you are faced to a challenge: a carp of more than 60 pounds at the end of the line, a magnificent specimen of exceptional force, a monster of power and aggression … The rest is for you to write…